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Welcome to RV Talk Radio.

What Is A Podcast?
 “A podcast is an on-demand radio show.  You can download it or steam it and listen to it whenever you want.  You can listen to our podcast directly through our website, through our mobile app, or you can use an app like iTunes to subscribe.”

We are looking for RVers in the field that would like to do audio interviews of interesting RV travelers, RV Products and RV Services.

This is a great way to earn some extra income, while enjoying the RV lifestyle.  Reporters will be given business cards and gifts to give to their clients. RV Talk Radio may also help support your interviewing equipment needed to preform the job.

If your interview or report is used, we will pay you a agreed fee for each one using your paypal.

All reports must be introduced as RV Talk radio, and your name, and our interviewer may not advertise their personal sites.  That’s because you are getting paid.

We would like real interviews of RV travelers, RV Park Owners, Interesting RV places and People.

We will not accept reports on fund raising campaigns or products not endorsed by our company.

All interviews submitted to RV Talk Radio becomes the property of Cutting Edge Enterprises, LLC and may not be used for any other media platforms.